I can't find a form in my Zenput app

If you can't find a form in Zenput on your mobile device, but think you should have access to it, here are some things to check:

Do you have internet access? 

If you don't have internet access, this could explain why you don’t have access to a form. To fix this restart your device, restart your app, and click on any form and wait for it to load. Once the form is fully loaded, click on again and pull up the full list of forms. 

This process forces the Zenput app to update the forms. If that doesn't work, go on to the next step below. 

Double-check the Form List

Open the Zenput app on your mobile device. After logging in (if you aren't already), tap the ☰ on the top left of the screen and go into 'My Forms'. 

If you do not see the form you're looking for, go onto the next steps to test other possibilities of how to fix this issue. 

Is this form only available when assigned as a project? 

If you are unable to find a form a good place to search is 'Tasks' to see if the Form was assigned as a project task. Here you will be able to see what time the form is available and due. 

Did your manager give you access to this form? 

Contact your manager to make sure that you were given access to this form. Let them know that you’ve tried searching your forms and are having difficulties finding the correct form. After they’ve made sure that they’ve distributed the form to you, please refresh your list of forms by closing and reopening the Zenput app and you should be all set!


If you have any further questions or issues, please contact us at support@zenput.com

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