What are tasks? (Submitters)

What are Tasks?

Whether it’s a simple request, a photo submission, or a form, tasks streamline the communications between employees.

Triggered Follow-Up Tasks

Tasks can be automatically created and assigned based on pre-set conditions or exceptions.


Tasks can be completed at a specific location and during a specified timeframe.

Tasks View

Overdue tasks, open tasks due today and due this week, missed and completed tasks. 

  • It will always show 3 tasks by default. 
  • In the upcoming view, you will see upcoming tasks for the week and or month.
  • Daily tasks for the following days are not included in the upcoming bucket. 



disclaimer.pngIf you try to complete a missed task you will receive a message "Missed tasks cannot be completed', these tasks cannot be reopened they automatically archive. 

As a Mobile User

  • As soon as a task is assigned to you, a notification is sent directly to your phone via email, sms, or with push notifications
  • Within the app, tasks populate in an easy-to-execute list format.
  • Tasks are location-aware, so when you walk into a location, you immediately know what needs to be completed.
  • Submitters have the ability to create non-recurring tasks

If you have any questions regarding tasks or any other topics, let us know at support@zenput.com or via chat. 

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