What are tasks? (Submitters)

What are Tasks?

Whether it’s a simple request, a photo submission, or a form, tasks streamline the communications between employees. 

Triggered Follow-Up Tasks

Tasks can be automatically created and assigned based on pre-set conditions or exceptions.


Tasks can be completed at a specific location and during a specified timeframe.


Tasks View

From these different task buckets, you can view when a task was/is going to be available and when it is due. 


You can search for the task by name or you can filter by these different views:
To see All tasks completed, coming up, open, and missed. 

To see Incomplete tasks in their respective task bucket by order of when they are due.

To see Open tasks first in their respective task bucket, if the task is Open it will show up first. 

To see Completed tasks only. (No edits can be made to these submissions once submitted, you will need to reach out to your manager or admin.)

To see Missed tasks only. (These tasks are not able to be completed or reopened once missed.)


Contains tasks with due dates that are past the due date and time. 

Due in the Next 24 hours:

Contains tasks that are due within the next 24 hours. 

Due in the next 7 days:

Contains tasks that are due in the next 7 days and a countdown to when it will be available. 

Additional Open Tasks:

Contains tasks that are due in the next 8 days or more in the future. This will help plan ahead for when the task does become available. 


As a Mobile User

  • As soon as a task is assigned to you, a notification is sent directly to your phone via email, sms, or with push notifications
  • Within the app, tasks populate in an easy-to-execute list format.
  • Tasks are location-aware, so when you walk into a location, you immediately know what needs to be completed.
  • Submitters have the ability to create non-recurring tasks

If you have any questions regarding tasks or any other topics, let us know at support@zenput.com or via chat. 

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