How do I deactivate Dropbox from Zenput? (Admins)

There are a couple of different levels in which you can limit or prevent forms from going to your Dropbox account. You can prevent all forms from going to Dropbox or just select certain forms.

Prevent ALL forms from going to Dropbox

  1. Click on your name or email address in the top right corner of your page and select 'Company Settings' from the drop-down menu.

  2. In company settings, click 'Deactivate' in the Dropbox section of 'Integrations'. 

Remove Dropbox’s access to a  specific form

  1. Go to the Forms tab.
  2. Find the form in the list in which you would like Dropbox access revoked, follow the row across, and click the pencil icon to edit.
  3. Click 'Triggers'  and from there unselect Dropbox. Once you've made the change you will see the message "All changes saved" and you're all set! 

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