How do I update the Zenput app?

We encourage Zenput mobile users to update their Zenput application whenever there's a new update. These updates often include new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Every update makes the user's experience better-we highly encourage doing it!  

  1. Update the app on an iOS device
  2. Update the app on Android
  3. Update app on Windows (not managed by your company's MDM)

Update the app on an iOS device

Updates are no longer available in the Updates tab on the app store. 

  1. Tap on the App Store app to get started

  2. Click on the user profile icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
  3. From the account details view, scroll down to the section 'Available Updates' and click on 'Update All' to get all the app updates,  or you can click on 'Update' next to the app to update the individual app.

Update the app on an iPhone (iOS 12 and older)

  1. Open up the 'App Store'.


  2. Click the Updates icon in the bottom right corner of the App Store.


  3. Your iPhone will usually automatically update your apps. Find Zenput and see if it has updated. If it hasn't, press the 'Update' button next to the Zenput logo. If the Zenput app isn't in the 'Updates' section, then there probably haven't been any recent updates released. 

Update the app on Android

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Touch the Google Play Store icon and select to view your downloaded apps.
  3. Apps with available updates are labeled "update". 
  4. Select the Zenput app to update, or touch 'Update all' to download all available updates.
  5. The App should update automatically. If it doesn't, restart your phone and try again. 

Update app on Windows (not managed by your company's MDM)

  1. Select Start and go to Microsoft Store.
  2. Once the Microsoft store is open, select Library and click "Get updates".
  3. If there are updates, choose which apps you want to update.


If you have any questions or are having trouble updating your Zenput app, contact us at

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