How do I track out-of-stock (OOS) or available products?

While at a location, you may want to track products that are out of stock on your shelves (OOS products) or the opposite, those that are available. With OOS Products and Availability, you have the ability to mark which products need to be re-stocked and which are sufficiently stocked. OOS Products and Availability are simply fields that can be included when building a form. 

Using these fields in conjunction with an automatic alert can inform you when a product needs to be restocked.

(Note: The Products field are not standard in Zenput. If you would like to add it to your Zenput account, please contact

To start tracking OOS and available products in Zenput, you need to have a list of products that will be tracked. To add a catalog of products to your account, please contact support at

Adding an out of stock field to a form

1. Find the form (or create a new one) that you want to track OOS or available products on and press 'Edit' on the right side. 
2. In the form builder, you will see the 'OOS Products' and 'Availability' field as options under the 'Products' section. Simply drag the field to the appropriate place in your form.
3. Once this field has been added to a form, the mobile form will display a list of all items in your product catalog.

4. The user can then select all the items that are either OOS and need to be re-stocked, or available. Once the selections have been made, the submitter selects 'Done' and will be taken back to the form. The OOS and Available selections will show up in the main form submission.


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