How to: Create a project in the mobile app? (Managers)

disclaimer.png Important Note: To create a project that recurs daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, a Zenput Admin has to log in to Zenput from a computer and create the recurring project from the 'Projects' page.

As a manager or Admin if/when you are out in the field and would like to create a one-time project, for multiple locations and users under your hierarchy, from the Zenput mobile app, here's how to do it:

Log into the Zenput mobile app.

Click the green '+' button in the top right corner of the screen. Select 'Create Project'. 


In the 'Create Project' screen, select the type of task you would like to create (Basic, Photo, or Form).


Fill in the relevant information like title, description, and/or adding an image, or choose a form if you're creating a project based on a form.


  1. Choose the role of the users you would like to assign the project to, and filter by team or location tag, if necessary.


Select the project Start Date and date the project is due. 


Once you've selected the start and due date you will then see the option to Auto-Archive marked to yes by default. What this means is, once the due date passes the users will no longer be able to complete the project task if marked to Auto-Archive. If 'no' is chosen, then the project task will remain open until it is completed. 


  1. On the bottom of the Create Project view, the number of tasks assigned for the number of users depends on how the project was assigned.  Once you have filled out the fields above you will be able to click 'Create Project'. 
    In this example, the project is assigned to one team in the company and the users that fall under the Location Manager role. 


If you have any questions or would like assistance creating a project via the Zenput app please email and we will be happy to assist.

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