I'm having trouble registering and/or logging into the mobile app.

Your team asked you to join Zenput, but you’re having a bit of trouble registering for an account or logging in. Below are the most common reasons and solutions to help you get signed-up and using Zenput properly.

None accepted invitation

If you have received an invitation or clicked reset password and received no email.

Please follow the following steps:

From the mobile app sign-in screen enter the email you received the invitation to and click on 'Create Account' instead of login.

Once you click on Create Account please enter all the information in the fields and click 'Create Account' . 

Invalid username or password error

Please double-check that the email you are trying to log in with is associated with the account. If you are uncertain of what email is used to log in please contact support@zenput.com with your location number, and we will be happy to provide you with the correct email to sign in. 

If you have confirmed you are using the correct email to login please proceed to reset your password.
(See I can't remember my password section below) 

Email address is already associated with another account

This tends to happen if you tried to sign-up through the Zenput webpage instead of downloading the app through either the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). Or if you have previously signed up and used Zenput with your email address. 

If you think that your email address is associated with another account or if your email was reused, please contact us at support@zenput.com

The first time I go to sign-in, I get a message that says “No Internet Connection”

First, check that you are connected to the internet.

For iPhones: click the 'Settings' button. Near the top, you will see the option 'Wi-Fi'. Select a network and make sure you are connected successfully. 

For Androids: press the Home button. Next, press the Menu button and click 'Settings'. From there, select 'Wireless & Networks' and tap 'Wi-Fi Settings'. Then click on the checkbox next to 'Wi-Fi' and select a network.

If you are connected to the internet and you are still getting the “No Internet Connection” message, try restarting your phone & internet router to see if that fixes the problem. 

I can’t remember the password

If you can't remember the password, click the 'Forgot your password' link on the blue, mobile sign up page window. 


This will open another page where you will need to enter the email address associated with your Zenput account. Make sure you are using the email associated with the Zenput account and click the green 'Reset Password'. 
You will then get an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Click the link provided. 
After clicking the link the following window will appear to enter the new password in both fields and click the green 'Change my password'. 

Please note: Changing your password will sign you out on all of your devices that were previously logged in using the old password. 

Any unsaved changes, such as drafts that have NOT been saved, may be lost. If anyone at your location is in the process of filling out a form and you reset the password that progress will be lost. 


If after signing in you are brought to a page with your company's logo or you hit reset password and never received the reset link, this means that your company's IT department is in charge of resetting your password or making any changes to your login information. Please reach out to them for further information and help. 

User is blocked from logging in 

If your login email has been blocked by attempting to log in 10 times or more, to unblock the email you can follow the steps above to reset the password by sending a password reset link to the email used to login to the app. 
Admins* Please note that changing the password on behalf of the user will not unlock the login, ONLY sending the reset link will work. 


If you are still having trouble or have any questions please contact us at support@zenput.com


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