What do I do if a user can't find a form? (Admin)

You’ve gone through the hard work of creating a form. You distributed it to your users and now you’re waiting for the data to start rolling in... But, from time to time, you might have a user contact you with difficulties finding a form. Below, we’ve compiled some tips to help find the form and get the user back to collecting vital data. 

Make sure that you have shared the form with the submitter

There are a couple of different ways you can check if you have shared a form with a user, is from the Forms tab.

Forms tab

First, find the Title of your form and follow the row all the way across to the 'Distribute' button. Click 'Distribute' and this will pull up a box where you can see all users that have access to this specific form. If you do not see the user in the list, you can add them in the 'Share form with' box.


After you share the form with the user, they should see the form in their Zenput account. 

Check on internet access 

If the user does not have internet access, this could also explain why they can’t find a specific form.
To fix this, once they have internet access, they will need to refresh their Zenput page. Please have them click on any form and wait for it to load.
Once the form is fully loaded, click on the back button in the top left corner of the screen. This will pull up the full list of forms. This process refreshes the list of forms, and the missing forms should populate.


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