How to: Edit existing tasks in the Zenput web-app

disclaimer.pngPlease note: A task can only be edited by the Admin that created the task.
A manager will not be able to edit a task created by an Admin, a manager is only able to edit tasks under their hierarchy. 

Editing existing tasks in Zenput: 

  1. Use the filters to narrow down the tasks you would like to edit. Available filters include:
    • Team
    • My tasks, All Tasks, Created by me, Archived
    • Tasks Title
    • Project
    • Location
    • Assigned To
    • Status (completed or missed)
    • Date DueScreen_Shot_2019-10-18_at_11.18.40_AM.png
  1. Use the checkboxes to the left of the task to choose one or many tasks to edit. Once you have selected the tasks you would like to make changes to, select the blue 'Edit' button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. The "Edit Tasks" window will appear. This window is where you will set up the changes you would like to make to the previously selected tasks. 
    • The edits you can make to the task include:
      • Assigned Project 
      • Date Due
      • Or the assigned userScreen_Shot_2019-10-18_at_11.22.53_AM.png

3. Select 'Save' when you are done to save the edits to your tasks.


Editing a single existing task in Zenput (Managers): 

  1. From 'Tasks' click on the task you would like to edit and click on 'Edit' . 

  2. You can then make the necessary changes and once you are done make sure to click 'Save' 
    Screen_Shot_2019-10-18_at_11.27.04_AM.png    Screen_Shot_2019-10-18_at_11.28.33_AM.png

And you're all set! 

If you have any issues or further questions, please feel free to contact

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