Editing, reassigning, and archiving tasks from the mobile app (Admins)

If you have admin permissions in Zenput, you have the ability to edit or archive (remove completely) tasks in Zenput directly from the mobile app.

Note: Submitters & Managers have the ability to create tasks, but can only edit and archive tasks they have created.

In order to edit or archive a task from the Zenput mobile app

  • Navigate to the task you would like to edit or archive and select it. This could be a task assigned to you or a task assigned to a member of your organization (EX. you are a district manager, and would like to remove a task from a store manager who is on vacation and assign to someone else until they return)
  • Once you have selected the task you will notice three dots next to the green (+) add task button, select the three dots and you will be presented with the option of editing or archiving the task.
  • Archiving a task removes the task completely. This is not reversible, so be careful.

 admin_tasks.png       admin_edit_tasks.png

  • Selecting edit will bring you to a screen much like the task assignment screen. Here, you have the options to edit
    • The name of the task or form being asked to complete (if a form task)
    • The description of the task
    • The location the task is assigned at
    • The person being asked to complete the task                                    
    • The date the task is due                                                                                    


Make sure to click 'Save' to save the edits/reassignment made to the task and you're all set! 


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