KPI Reports

You can already measure a location's performance by using the calculated formula field. Now, you can turn this data into a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Report to quickly understand how a team / location is performing, and where they can improve.

For example:

If your Monthly Overall Assessment contains a formula field that calculates a store's performance on key points of interests, the KPI Report will show you all the Assessment scores for individual locations, and the average scores for teams. You can schedule KPI Report emails to automatically send to you daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly; or you can export them to Excel via email.

To create a KPI report, go to the ‘Reports’ page > ‘Create Report’ > ‘Locations’ > ‘Key Performance Indicators’. After you create the report, select the correct form, date and team (optional).

Press ‘Save’ and enter the name of the report. Here, you can choose the frequency of the KPI Report emails. Hit ‘Done’, and you’re all set!

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