Changing a password on behalf of a user.

Often times, users forget their passwords and need have them reset. While they are able to do this themselves by following the instructions here (Link), in some cases, you may want to reset a user's password on their behalf. 

*In order to reset a users password, you must be the "OWNER" of the Zenput account for your company. If you are trying to reset a users password and you are not sure if you are the owner, please contact support.

To reset a user's password

  1. Log in to from a desktop computer
  2. Navigate to the user section of your account and select the user you would like to change the password for.                                                                                       Users___Teams___Zenput.png
  3. Select the blue 'Edit' button in the top right hand corner of the screenUsers___Teams___Zenput1.png
  4. Select the blue 'Edit' link next to user detailsUsers___Teams___Zenput2.png
  5.  Scroll to the bottom of the user details page to find the password reset. *you can also choose to send a password reset request to the user so they can reset their own password. Enter in the new password into the dialogue box and enter the password once more in the confirmation box and select the blue 'Change Password' button. Users___Teams___Zenput3.png
  6. Contact the user to let them know what their new password is.


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