Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

  1. Projects 

    1. How to create a project in Zenput
    2. How to set a project to archive automatically
    3. What is a recurring project and how do I create one?
  2. Administrator Support Videos 

    1. How to Navigate Zenput
    2. How to Use the Form Builder
    3. How to Invite Users
    4. Gallery View Video
    5. List View Video
  3. User Support Videos 

    1. Zenput Mobile App
  4. Getting Started as an Adminstrator 

    1. How to Get Started
    2. Ask the Right Questions
    3. Get Your People Involved
    4. 3 Ways to View Your Data
    5. Using the Zenput manager views on Zenput
  5. Getting Started as a User 

    1. How to Create a Mobile User Account
    2. How to Create a Mobile User Account from the Web
    3. How to Create a Manager Account (Web & Mobile App)
  6. Web Forms - Creation & Distribution 

    1. Form Definitions
    2. How to Build a Form
    3. Types of Questions
    4. Attach a Photo To a Question Description
    5. Benefits of the Email Field in a Form
  7. Using the Mobile App- Forms & Functionality 

    1. How to Submit Forms
    2. Mobile Drafts
    3. What are Locations on Mobile?
    4. How Does the Email Field Work?
    5. How to View Previously Submitted Forms
  8. Locations 

    1. Understanding Locations
    2. How to Add a Single Location
    3. Assign an Owner of a Location
    4. How to Add a Location on Mobile
    5. Using the location page of the Zenput mobile app
  9. Teams 

    1. Understanding Teams
    2. Creating Teams
    3. Set up Hierarchy: Teams within Teams
    4. How to Edit Teams
    5. Manage Form Access for Teams
  10. Site Permissions 

    1. Zenput Permissions - What does each type of user have the ability to do in Zenput?
    2. Assign or Change a Users Site Permissions
    3. Give a Manager Permission to Edit Submissions for a Form
    4. How to Create Roles
    5. How to Assign a User a Role
  11. Reporting Page 

    1. What kind of reports do I have available to me in Zenput?
    2. How to schedule and edit a custom recurring report
  12. Reporting - Dashboard 

    1. Where is the Dashboard
    2. Advanced Search from the Dashboard
  13. Reporting - List View 

    1. Where is the List View?
    2. How to Change Visible Columns in List View
    3. Filtering and exporting project results from list view
    4. How to Use Advanced Search in List View
    5. How to Export a Report in the List View
  14. Reporting - Gallery View 

    1. Where is the Gallery View
    2. Enlarge Photos in the Gallery View
    3. Advanced Search in the Gallery View
  15. Workflows 

    1. Understanding Alerts
    2. Using Workflows: Creating Alerts and Triggered Tasks
  16. Tasks 

    1. Understanding Tasks
    2. Different Types of Tasks
    3. How to Create a Task Manually
    4. How to Create Tasks on Mobile
  17. Dropbox Integration 

    1. Dropbox Set Up
    2. Forward Forms to Dropbox
    3. Discontinue Dropbox Access
  18. Administrator FAQ's 

    1. Resend an Invite Code
    2. User Can't Find a Form
    3. How to deactivate a location in your Zenput account
    4. Assigning tasks in bulk via the zenput mobile application
    5. How to track out of stock products
  19. User FAQ's 

    1. Registration and Access Problems
    2. What is My Invite Code?
    3. Reset Your Password
    4. How do I use photo annotations?
    5. I Can't Find a Form on My Mobile Device
  20. All articles 

    1. Form Definitions
    2. How to Create a Mobile User Account
    3. Resend an Invite Code
    4. Registration and Access Problems
    5. Dropbox Set Up
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